So – this is where you get to find out a little bit about me and hopefully get some insider information. Firstly I’ll get the preliminaries out of the way, I’m British, married with two grown up kids and two grandkids.  I ride a motorcycle, I’m a massage therapist, I believe in God and I write songs and sing them. And oh yes, I can’t stand olives!

My first recollection of music was as a child when I was taken to Sunday School, along with my two older sisters.  The three of us would sing together and our natural ability to harmonise meant we would often be asked to ‘perform’.   We had a piano in the house and as a young girl I would find myself picking out a tune.  Thus began a special partnership.  At 16 I gave my first ‘solo’ performance in church.  I played and sang the hymn ‘My Jesus I love Thee’.   I remember the reaction from one particular guy, who came up to me, teary eyed – he said how moved he was at my singing. I knew at that moment there was more to this singing than I realised .. and indeed there was more to come.

In the years that followed I found myself writing songs but being the quiet, shy type, I kept them to myself.  It wasn’t until sometime later that it dawned on me these songs weren’t mine to keep.  Even though they were personal, being borne out of life’s experiences, they could actually mean something to someone else.  I knew I had to share them and so tentatively introduced myself to the public arena.  It took a while to feel comfortable with what I was doing but deep inside I knew it was the very thing I should be doing.

I’ve been very privileged to see the positive impact my songs have had on people. It never ceases to amaze me how God uses them to touch people.  Whether it’s in coffee bars, church halls, at festivals or concerts, I love to sing out words of hope, of love, of truth – that make a very important connection with those needing to hear something positive. I’ve been asked to sing at weddings, funerals, dedications but in all of this, my heart remains in complete adoration of the One who gave me this ability to sing and spending time as a worship leader has helped me express my gratitude.

Speaking of gratitude, thanks for taking the time to read up on me.  I hope you’ll stick around.